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The true fascination lies in Art as the narrative medium, this medium while witnessing also relates to the surreal reactions depicting the complexity of the human condition in an organized society of conflicts. Everyone has a personal narrative to their experiences, for me recording these experiences physically and view the layers we survive in is a personal inspiration.

Coming from a background with the chaos of expressions, my tendency is to be biased towards humanity along with the politics surrounding it as the underlying statement in my artworks.


My construction of art is in multi-dimensional and conceptual representations of visual forms with elements of sound enhancements that narrate themselves the experience of confrontation as a core of the struggle in the unseen layers of the society. The intent of art operating as an Activist in relation to our views and philosophies is what interests me. We hold our anxieties in and build our tolerance pushing them to the edge. Our organic attempt to quench our thirst is lost in this transition. Art is a mere narrator to the mind and our thought process.


Incorporating traditional techniques with Contemporary topics, I emphasize the medium learned in my childhood to express¸ a common technique of stitching taught to me as a girl child. Constructing three Dimensional and relief-like works capturing the sensation of narration and the experience involved.


My personal preference lies in a dramatic visual to communicate with the viewer making the meaning more active as a reminder. The artworks created are with the style to represent the personal experiences and the socio-political pressure that surrounds us. The works intend to speak a feminist language and being bought up in a Patriarchy society. Birth is a natural phenomenon that is being meddled on a conservative level pushing us away from a progressive and developed country. All through human history of mythology and religion, culture, where human behavior through art has been used as a metaphor for conducting a message to the society. My intention is to reflect human philosophies by means of Art creating surreal depictions of thoughts that represent the modern contemporary times and mediums relating to the paradoxes which form the society.